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Entry #2

Killing Maniac, PART 2

2007-12-30 17:47:44 by Muskelchock

The new series going to take a while to finish.
So, now I am going to finish the Killing maniac series instead. And then continiue if people like the installment.
I am going to tell a little, just a little about the episode.
Killing maniac part 2 will begin where part 1 begins, and then continiue from that. I've written the boarderline for the plot, which i wont tell to you guys. Just stay tuned and se for yourselfs.
The stickman style is completly changed, instead of the thick brush, i use the line.
It will look like a regular, boring stickfight. But i will include a story, action ofcourse and the most important in a flash movie, according to me, HUMOR.

Great wishes, Muskelchock


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2009-07-12 18:49:59

Hammerthrow 7?